YFESTOS 'glow-in-the-dark' evacuation route signposting products are able - independent of the electric power supply - to continuously absorb, store and in darkness emit light.


Yfestos stands out by its high level of luminosity and long-lasting light emission, properties that testing has shown to be retained for more than 20 years.

The products include among other things escape route marking strips, a variety of graphic pictograms, wear-resistant rubber bossed tiles, putty and paint.

There are also rubber and plastic sheeting, letters, arrows, discs, hoses, tapes, strips and leads. And what about stickers depicting a wide range of logos, fluorescent lamps and safety hoses? It will be clear that this large number of products opens the door to a wide range of applications.

GOTO manuals


Yfestos pictograms are available as sticker or silk screen-printed on aluminium.

Because of the low melting point of stickers the use of pictograms silk screen-printed on aluminium is recommended for the marking of emergency equipment and muster and embarkation stations. Yfestos pictograms can be supplied in any language.

Very low light levels reqired to regenerate light storage.

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